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Saturday, February 19, 2011

UB Extras - Chapter 15

Thought you'd like a visual for the plane discussion.  :)

So, Jasper is openly admitting his attraction for Bella.  Not that he ever hid it, of course.  But he's realizing it's more than just a passing fancy.

Now, many of you want Marcus to just tell Jasper that Bella is his mate.  But I decided against this option.  Yes, he gave Bella a 'push', but she is less likely, especially with everything happening to her, to figure out where his talk was coming from.  I.e. she's not as likely to go to the 'Jasper's my mate' idea immediately.  Jasper definitely would.  He is not stupid.  In fact, he's a brilliant man and knows Marcus' power.  If Marcus had tried the same with Jasper, it would have been obvious and Marcus knows that.  

Besides, Marcus wants them to come to the conclusion on their own.  Remember this part from Chapter 4 Confrontations:
I knew she was my mate, having seen the fine threads that bound us and, of course, I had enjoyed her company these last weeks. But knowing it is not the same as feeling it - and by the Gods, did I feel it now. That vibrant, beautiful woman had stolen her way into my heart and soul in a way I never would have imagined, and there was nothing I would not do to keep her there.
There is knowing and then there is knowing.  Marcus wants them to figure it out on their own so there is no doubt.  There won't be that 'does s/he love me because of me or because of the mating bond' crap.  Remember, Marcus is an old hand at this stuff too.

Bella may take a little more time.  She is just coming to terms with the idea of life as a vampire and now has Charlie's death dumped on her.  There is a lot on her plate right now, but she will get through it and Jasper is helping with that.  Besides, she was headed in the right direction from the beginning, thanks to the hotness that is Jasper Whitlock.  So don't worry.  *winks*

We'll be meeting the Cullens in the next few chapters.  I can't wait to see what y'all think of some of those scenes!  *snickers*

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