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Sunday, February 6, 2011


Not sure if anyone cares, but in case anyone is wondering...

What do I listen to when I write?

Well, sometimes I prefer to write in silence, but that isn't always an option.  Sometimes there is a TV or other music on in another part of the house that can distract me, so I often put on music of my own.

Lately, before I start writing, I listen to Train’s Soul Sister.  It’s a fairly upbeat song and it just speaks to me for my Jasper and Bella for some reason.  It zens me into the place I need to be to write this story.  Don’t be surprised when this song comes up later in the fic…*grins*

Once I actually get writing, I listen to mostly instrumental music that won’t distract my word flow.  At times it will be Adam Hurst, who is an amazing cello player and does a lot of the classical stuff. 

The only thing I’ve listened to that has a lot of lyrics is BarlowGirl.  I love their tone and beat, but I’ve stopped listening to them so much because I get distracted by the songs.  I always want to sing along to them.  *laughs*

But mostly, almost always lately, I listen to Apocalyptica.  There are lyrics, but they don’t distract me as much as I’d think.  They are a group of cello players who play the harder rock (metal) music like Metallica and Rammstein.  I’m not a huge fan of that genre, but the way they do it is just amazing. 

Maybe I have a thing for cello players, but then again, considering how hot they look when they play…*fans self*  You can see why I chose two of them to be Volturi Kings.  Perttu Kivilaakso is the one with long straight black hair (though he went back to his natural dark blonde recently).  He makes me think of a dark Marcus and has inspired another story that’s been brewing in my mind.  The other, Eicca Toppinen, is the one with long, blonde hair with the dark look and personifies Caius for me.  

Anyway, I was introduced to their music early last year and have been a fan ever since.  It’s just amazing and I listen to it a lot, not just to write.

Well, I hope you enjoyed that.  I just felt like sharing.  *grins*


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