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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

UB Chapter 6 - Moonlight, Firelight

Okay, no one fall over dead.  I’m updating again!  Yes, I know.  It’s a shock, but the story is speaking to me at the moment and I’m trying my damnedest to let it flow. 

That being said, I hope that my reviewers can forgive me for not replying.  I have discovered that every time I get the urge to write, I start by trying to reply to reviews, and then I get caught up in that and lose my inspiration.  So I’m not sure if I’ll get to reviewing anytime soon/at all, but I’m hoping that will keep me writing instead!  That’s a good thing, right?  But remember that I LOVE to hear your thoughts on the story.  If it’s good or bad, love it or hate it, constructive criticism, whichever.  I am just so excited so many people seem to enjoy my lil story here.  So THANK YOU to my reviewers, every single one of you!

Chapter 6 – Moonlight, Firelight

Jasper POV

I stood motionless against the wall across from the bed, staring down at the beautiful woman lying there and wondering at her dreams.  Every so often, she would mumble something under her breath.  More often than not the words were indistinguishable. 

My eyes watched as she shifted again, a soft sigh escaping before she frowned and huffed.  “No more pickles,” she muttered, the fingers of her left hand twitching where it lay on the pillow beside her head.

I had returned nearly a half an hour before with Aro and Caius, both of whom were in the next room speaking with Marcus.  I could hear their conversation, of course.  It was impossible not to; vampire senses were so heightened that it was fairly impossible not to hear them.

At Marcus’ request, I was staying with the girls in case they woke up while he was talking with his brothers in the outer room.  At first, the girls’ sleep was a bit restless, so I sent them a touch of calm.  It seemed to help and they were now sleeping peacefully.  Well, Sera was.  Bella still moved and even spoke at times, but her emotions weren’t troubled, so I assumed that may be her natural demeanor during sleep. 

“I don’t like it,” a gruff voice drifted to me from the other room.  I could hear the displeasure in the voice.  I rarely needed my gift to know Caius’ emotions, which in a sense, I greatly admired.  He was the most cautious of the three brothers, fearful of any change that may expose our race to humankind.  He could also be haughty, superior, callous even, and the most merciless of the three.  But he was also the most honest, often brutally so, which was difficult for some to appreciate.

I could understand where he was coming from, but often his solutions tended to be a bit more barbaric than diplomatic.  That is where Aro would come in, as he did now with his response.

“Caius, this is a blessing in disguise.  Truly!”  I could hear a soft brushing sound and knew it was Aro rubbing his hands together, as was his habit.  “Even I was uneasy with the delay.  But now, that is all in the past.  We need to decide how to proceed from here.”

I heard a pause and felt a slight burst of apprehension, which I assumed came from Marcus worrying over Sera’s fate.

“Do not worry, brother,” Aro said. “I, too, felt the loss of Didyme.”  He paused and I felt another wave of emotion; this time I knew it was both Aro’s and Marcus’ grief.  “I had great love for my sister and her loss was a painful one.  But here you have found a new mate…and me, if fate decrees, a new sister.”

“‘If fate decrees’?  How do you mean, brother?” Marcus asked, his worry growing more intense.

“Now, now, Marcus.  I mean nothing more than the choice is hers to decide to be with us or not.”  There was a slight pause before he continued.  “But you do know our law, Marcus.  It is for the safety of us all that no human gifted with the knowledge of our kind go free to tell the tale.  However,” Aro’s voice rose at this, cutting off what sounded like Marcus beginning to protest, “I am confident that your mate will choose to be at your side for eternity.  How could she not?”

A small frown began to twist my lips as I noticed Aro had not mentioned the other girl, Bella.  My eyes draped over her sleeping form again as I continued my unintentional eavesdropping.

“My only recourse is to hope and pray that Sera chooses to take her place in our world as my mate, but I would never force her to make such a decision.” Marcus’ torment continued as he spoke.  “Should she decide against it…I do not know how I could possibly-”

At this, Caius interrupted.  “If she has any common sense, she will see the honor she is being given and agree without delay.”

I heard Aro’s sigh.  “While Caius is perhaps correct to a degree, I do not see that being a factor in her decision from what I’ve seen of her in your memories.”

There was another pause before Marcus spoke again.  “And Bella?”  I held my breath as I awaited the other brothers’ responses on Bella’s fate.

“Aro can scan her memories.  If she may be of use to us, give her the option to turn,” came Caius’ blasé reply, as if Bella were of no consequence. 

I felt my own ire stir in time with Marcus’ in his response.  “Bella is not to be treated in such a manner, Caius.”

“Brothers, please.  Marcus, I understand your dilemma.  Bella is very special to you, as I’ve seen.”

“What do you mean, Aro?” Caius asked.  “Is she also his mate?  How can this be?”

“Patience, Caius.  Patience.  Marcus?  Explain, if you will?” Aro asked.

“At my first sighting of Bella, before I had had any words with her, I watched as she spoke with a statue of Didyme in Il Duomo,” Marcus began.  “I was curious about her, so I used my ability on her.”

“And?” Caius prompted, ever impatient.

“And I was already tied to her.  Very faintly, but it was there.”

“What color was the thread, Marcus?” Caius asked, his voice seeming a bit calmer as I felt a pique of curiosity flow through him.

“Yellow…and brown.”

Caius’ shock registered a moment before his verbal reaction in the other room.  “How can that be?”

“I know not, Caius.  As well as I can recall, I have no surviving legacy carrying my bloodline.  However, if you remember the time when we were human, it was not uncommon to copulate with the camp women, who could have sired children.  Another possibility would be distant relations whose lines have survived.  The thread is quite thin and pale.”

The other room was silent for a few moments as the information sank in.

“So what is to be done, brothers?” Marcus asked, his voice more steady than his swirling emotions. 

After a long pause, Aro spoke again, as I assumed he would.  While the three ruled together, it was often like this.  A situation would be discussed between them, after which time Aro would piece all the decisions into what was often a working solution for all three, or at least the majority.

“Let the women rest for now.  When they awake, Marcus, everything will need to be explained to them - what happened with Laurent, what we are, and the choice they will have to make.  Did you wish to speak to them yourself?”

“I will speak to them myself with naught but Jasper.  His ability may be useful in keeping them calm, should the need arise.”  Marcus’ words were soft as he answered.

“Very well.  Regardless, I would like to be informed when they awake.  Not only do I wish to be advised of their decisions, but I wish to meet my new sister.”  Aro’s emotions swelled briefly at his words.  I could tell he was pleased with the idea of Marcus having found a new mate. 

Even Caius did not begrudge his brother his happiness.  He was merely apprehensive about humans who knew too much.  For all his gruff exterior, Caius did have a heart.  It was difficult for most to see as it was shown only to a very select few – his brothers, Aro’s wife, Sulpicia, and especially his wife, Athenodora.  The only way I knew this was due to my empathic ability, but Caius and I had long ago silently agreed not to mention such things aloud.  I kept such things to myself; not out of fear but respect.

I mused about the brothers and their wives while listening to Aro and Caius say their goodbyes to Marcus in the other room.  It wasn’t long before I heard the outer door open and close behind them.

Marcus returned to the bedroom a moment later, his eyes immediately falling on Sera.  He crossed the room, rushing to her side as if he couldn’t bear having been apart from her.  Sitting in the chair posted beside the bed, he reached to lightly stroke her hand and take it within his own. 

“I take it you heard our discussion, Jasper?” he asked.  His voice was a soft whisper, but I heard him clearly.

“Yes, Master,” I told him, watching as he nodded, still not looking in my direction.  “May I speak, Master?” 

His head turned my direction, red eyes dark in the dim light of the room as they came to rest on me.  “You may.”

“Your mate…” I began, choosing my words carefully, “I don’t think you have anything to fear, Master.  She loves you with the same ferocity as you do her.  I cannot imagine her making any other choice but the one that allows her to stay with you.”

Marcus was silent as he stared at me, but I could feel his elation as hope grew within him; hope that she would choose him and not blame him for what had happened or for what he was.  “Thank you, Jasper.  Although I will continue to worry for her wellbeing until a decision is made and executed, I do appreciate your efforts in attempting to soothe my…nerves.”  He turned his gaze to rest on Bella.  “Nevertheless, while I worry over Sera’s welfare, I have the same worries for Bella.  She may be some very distant relative, but I have no notion of how far that tiny thread connecting us will stand against our laws should she choose not to become one of us.  In some ways, I fear more for her than do I for my mate.”

With a final glance at me, he turned back to Sera.  We both fell into a thoughtful silence as we waited for the girls to awake.

We didn’t have long to wait.  No more than half an hour later, Sera began to stir.  I paid close attention to her emotions, ready to calm her if it became necessary.  While I could easily mask the room in a fog of calm, I have discovered that it is often better for people to work through their issues on their own.  As such, I was generally loathe to alter their feelings unless it was truly unavoidable.  Even then, I usually just gave a touch of calm to help them work through their issues, whatever they may be.  Earlier I had soothed the women while they slept so they could rest, but it was no more than a light touch, which I now pulled back from them in small paces, gauging if or when I should cease.

As the last remnants of the calm I had sent the women receded, I kept my stance against the wall, silent and observing the scene that played out before me.

“Sera?”  Marcus’ voice was soft and gentle, the tips of his fingers caressing her cheek. 

At the sound of his voice, Sera smiled and opened her eyes.  “Marcus,” she said, her accent making the name sound almost foreign to my ears.  It had been a long while since I’d been in Cajun country.

“Cara, you are well?  Rested?” Marcus asked.

Sera nodded as she looked past and around Marcus, her eyes taking in the darkened room lit only by a fire in the hearth along the wall to my right.  It was flanked by two high-backed chairs and a small table.  The walls surrounding the fireplace were filled with large, floor-to-ceiling windows through which shone the moon, whose silvery light mixed with the orange glow from the fire, making the room seem dark and mysterious. 

Along the wall behind me were shelves filled mostly with books, separated only by two doors - one which led to a walkway with a large closet and bathroom, the other leading out to the living area in which Marcus had spoken to his brothers.  The rest of the room was much the same; simple but elegant hardwood furnishings, made more for longevity than décor.  As such, there wasn’t much decoration at all in the room.  What little fabrics there were on the chairs, bed and curtains were solid shades of gold and white.

“Where am I, sug?” she asked him.  Her eyes, which had been glancing around the room, now turned toward the large four poster bed in which she lay.  As she saw Bella sleeping beside her, she gasped.  “Is she okay?”

“Of course, Sera.  She is merely sleeping.  We will wake her in a moment,” Marcus informed her.  “Do you have need of anything?  The facilities, perhaps?”

Sera raised a brow at Marcus and giggled.  “You and your facilities.”  She patted his hand and sat up slowly, keeping her voice low and trying not to wake Bella as she got up.  She looked at the two doors.  “Which one is it, or is this a treasure hunt?  If it is, I expect a prize at the end, cher,” she said, glancing at Marcus and smiling, and then giving him a saucy wink that nearly made me laugh out loud. 

I pressed my lips together and contained my mirth, enjoying the fact that Marcus also felt the same as he gave Sera a tight smile in return.  “Of course, my dear.  The door to the left will take you to the facilities.  Take as long as you need.”

Sera started for the door but then stopped and turned back.  She walked to Marcus and kneeled in front of the chair where he still sat.  Reaching one hand up to cup his cheek, she spoke.  “Marcus?  We’re gonna have to talk, y’know.”  He stiffened just slightly, but I could tell she noticed.  She just held her smile and caressed his cheek with her hand.  “Don’t worry, sugar.  You’re not getting rid of me that easily.”  Winking, she stood and left the room to use the ‘facilities’.

I said nothing as he stared after her, waiting anxiously for her return while I made a mental note to introduce Sera to Charlotte as soon as possible.  I had a feeling those two would fast become friends.

To her credit, Sera didn’t waste time.  She was back in the room two minutes later.  As she re-entered the room, she smiled at Marcus and then turned and walked to me, her eyes squinting slightly as she looked up into my face.  I felt her mirth and satisfaction, which confused me, before she put her hand out to shake mine.  “Jasper, right?”

I nodded and took her hand gently.  “Yes, ma’am.”

She shook my hand before releasing it and turning back to Marcus.  “Shall we wake Bella and get this show on the road?”  Without missing a beat, she turned back to me and said, “By the way, Bella’s bad influence?  That’s all me, cher.  You can thank me later.”  She winked at me before continuing to Marcus’ side.

I just shook my head and had to laugh, looking over at Marcus to gauge his reaction.  He had a smile on his face and his mood had lightened considerably just in the presence of her enchanting personality.  Looking over at me, he said, “You grow accustomed to her, so Felix tells me.”

Sera laughed and rolled her eyes.  Turning to Marcus, she looked up at him, her expression and emotions now serious.  “You’re going to tell me now, right, sug?”

The smile fell from Marcus’ lips as he nodded.  “Yes, I am.  We will wake Bella so I may inform you both together.”  Sera nodded and turned to wake Bella, but he stopped her.  “Sera,” he began.  He seemed to search for words as she stared up at him, her concern for him pouring from her.  “Do you recall our previous conversation?  At dinner last night?”

“Yes, of course, Marcus.  You wanted me to decide if I wanted to be with you; that you wanted eternity with me.  I remember.”

“This is not the way in which I would have informed you of this.  I did not want you to feel pressured.  It is for that reason that I wished for us to bond as humans do so that you may get to know me…as much of me as I am able to show outside these walls.”  He cut off the words she began to say by placing his thumb over her lips.  “I know you do not yet understand, but it will all come to light very soon.  I merely wished that you know I wanted this decision to be yours entirely.  Had you decided against…” he paused slightly and I felt his pang of pain at the idea that Sera may not want him, “Had you decided against continuing our relationship, I would have disappeared from your life and left you to enjoy the rest of it as you wished, wanting for nothing.”

I felt exasperation from Sera as she grabbed his hand and pulled it from her lips so she could speak.  “You are such a stubborn man, Marcus.  Can’t you see?”  She stepped closer to him, both hands now raised to cup his cheeks.  “The only thing I ever didn’t want was the lies, Marcus.  You.  I’ve always wanted you since the moment I saw you.  No…since I saw your picture.”  She grinned up at him.  “I don’t care what it takes, Marcus.  You’re stuck with me, forever.”

A flood of relief, mixed with the enormity of their love, swept through the room, making me sway for a brief second before I controlled it.  My own chest tightened as I listened to them whisper back and forth, trying not to hear their private talk, but I was again an unintentional eavesdropper.

Marcus’ head bent to Sera’s, capturing her lips with his.  The kiss was so intense and full of emotion that I turned my head so I wouldn’t see, so I wouldn’t intrude any more than I already was. 

As I looked away, my eyes were caught by the woman lying on the bed.  She had turned to her side, one arm under her head, the hand of the other tucked under her chin as she smiled up at the couple.  She turned from them not a moment later and caught my own red gaze in her dark chocolate one. 

I felt her surprise - similar to Sera’s earlier, which again made me curious and confused - but it was followed closely by a wave of embarrassment as her cheeks pinkened in a blush and she looked down at her hand on the bed.

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