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Saturday, December 4, 2010

UB Chapter 5 - The Rescue

I know.  I know.  It’s been forever.  I am so sorry I’m such a slow writer and updater.  2010 has been a fairly shit year.  *prays for 2011 to be better*  However, I am hopeful to get working on this more often and just spent quite a while sorting out some details with my fuckawesome beta.  I am anxious to write more, which I was going to work on tonight, but thought I’d edit this lil baby and put her out first.  But I’m already mulling over what happens next.  *grins*

Chapter 5 – The Rescue

Jasper POV

I cursed again as I snapped the phone shut while sprinting at human speed down the street until I reached the corner.  Ducking down one alley and then another, I mapped my way through them in my mind and choose the fastest route to the women and Laurent.  I was not far, but it would still take a few minutes to get to them, especially since I had to occasionally slow to human speeds to avoid suspicion. 

Hearing that one of the women was Marcus’ mate was a shock to me.  I had never heard of someone having more than one mate during their existence; even from human to vampire, the bond was carried over.  But it must be possible if Marcus had found another mate in one of these women.

I had no doubt of his feelings for the woman, and I didn’t need my gift to figure that out.  It was more than evident in his voice.  I had great respect for Marcus, and I didn’t want to see him suffer through losing another mate.  I felt the pain of his loss even now after so many centuries of Didyme being gone.  There was no way in hell I was going to let that pussy, Laurent, kill her. 

Flipping the phone open again as I continued running, I dialed a number quickly.  It picked up on the first ring.

“Jasper,” I heard the voice on the other end growl.  It was deeper than my own, but it had the same southern accent.  Even after all these decades, neither Peter nor I had lost our Texan drawl.  “We got about two miles down the road before my fuckhot wife started rippin’ at my clothes and made me pull off the road for a quickie.  This better be important ‘cause she’s staring at me like I’m her last meal…and I can’t wait to be eaten.”

“Laurent is still in Florence and has Marcus’ mate and her friend as we speak,” I said, ignoring his lewd comments and cutting right to the chase.

“Mate?  Nevermind.  We’ll talk about it later.  Do we know where?” Peter said, his tone turning serious.  I could hear the quick rustle of clothes before the sound of air whispered across the line as they started running.

I gave him the address quickly and then said, “I’ll be there in about thirty seconds.  Marcus and Demetri are running from the castle.  How far are you and Char?”

“Two minutes, less if we can avoid crowds.  See you there.”

The phone went dead as he hang up.  I snapped it shut and thrust it into my pocket before slowing as I caught Laurent’s scent.  I followed it easily along a deserted side street until I heard his voice and the sound of crying coming from an alley ahead. 

Inhaling, I was relieved at the absence of the scent of blood in the air.  I moved forward more cautiously, listening as I came to the corner, and I glanced quickly around it to assess the situation.  I heard the whoosh of air a second before the sound of a loud thud.  What I saw was even more of a shock – more than one, in fact.

Laurent’s back was to me and he was focused on the girls before him.  He was half doubled over and I could sense his surprise and pain.  From this angle, I could see what looked like a piece of pipe disconnect from his body and fall to the ground, falling from the hands of a petite but curvy brunette standing in front of him.  Shock number one.

It only took me half a second to recognize her as the woman from the airport.  Shock number two. 

When I left two months ago to investigate the newborn sightings in the Americas, I had flown out of Pisa, where I encountered the most beguiling human.  She had seemed a bit travel-worn, but she had still drawn me in - curvy body, ample breasts, a beautiful face…and hips begging for my hands to grab them and pull her to me while I thrust into her.  But what had really drawn me in were her eyes.  They were deep, intelligent, and full of emotion. 

I shook my head to bring myself back to the present.  I noted that she was currently fine, she was just shaking out her hands as if the pipe had burned her.  But that didn’t last long because Laurent recovered enough to roar out a curse at her before grabbing her throat in his hand and tossing her across the alley. Her small body slammed hard against the wall before slumping down to the ground.

I barely noted the other woman, who was slightly taller, thinner, and blonde, running toward the brunette before I flashed into the alley and grabbed Laurent from behind.  Before he knew it, I had him in a one-handed headlock.  My other hand grabbed his arm, securing it in a firm grip, and I wrenched hard.  A vicious smile played over my lips as I heard it tear from his body at the shoulder.

He screamed and twisted out of my grasp, coming to a halt about ten feet from me.  I just stood my ground, casually tossing his dislocated arm aside.

“Jasper,” he spat my name as he recognized me, venom seeping from the wound where I had removed his arm.

An instant later, he flew back across the alley to me, but he didn’t make it to me because that same piece of pipe flew from behind me like a javelin and embedded itself in his chest.  Laurent screamed his rage a moment before he was grabbed by the shoulder and slammed to the ground.  Before he knew it a petite, blonde woman, who was no more than five foot one, was perched on his chest, one hand on his neck and holding him down. 

“Laurent…tsk tsk.  You’ve been a bad boy,” she said, her voice low and gravelly.  Lifting one hand, she spun her finger in a circle over the pipe, causing it to twist and making Laurent howl his pain as it dug further into his chest.

I smirked and shook my head at Charlotte.  “Just keep him quiet, Char,” I told her.

She glanced my way and grinned at me.  “Of course, Major.”  She winked before turning back to Laurent.  “You’re going to be a good boy and keep quiet now, aren’t you?”  I could see her fingers around his neck squeeze tighter, digging into the hard flesh there and crushing his windpipe.  It’s not like it wouldn’t regenerate.

Laurent just lay there in pain, nodding his agreement since he had no other way to communicate.  Charlotte stopped twisting the pipe and patted his cheek.  “Good boy.”

Turning my head to the alley entrance, I smirked as I saw Peter strolling toward us.  He had his hands in his pockets, looking like he hadn’t a care in the world.  He was even whistling.  I almost laughed. 

Peter was an impressive man, attractive and intelligent.  He stood tall - at six feet he was only slightly shorter than me - but he was a little stockier in build.  His hair was a dark and light mix of browns and it hung to his shoulders.  His ready wit and charm made him seem unthreatening, but it was the furthest thing from the truth.  Peter and his wife, Charlotte, were two of the deadliest vampires known, second only to myself in fact.  If you crossed any of us, we would retaliate with deadly force.  I was honored to call them brother and sister even though they never had been by blood.  They were my closest friends, and I treasured them as both friends and family.

“Late to the party, aren’t you?” I asked him as I turned toward the women across the alley.

Peter shrugged as he followed me to the women, secure in the knowledge that Charlotte could keep a handle on Laurent.  “Char wanted to play.”

I nodded to Peter before bending down on one knee next to the girls.  The blonde held tight to the brunette, trying to protect her while staring at me, tears falling down her cheeks.  She was very pretty, beautiful in fact, but it was the brunette who held my interest.

“What…who are you?” she asked, her voice shaking.

I smiled at her and sent her a soothing vibe as I reached out my hand, trying to put her at ease.  “Jasper Whitlock, ma’am.  You’re safe now.  Promise.”

Peter squatted down next to me and flashed her a smile.  “Peter Whitlock, ma’am.  And that,” he crooked his thumb over his shoulder at Charlotte, “is my sexy wife, Charlotte.  The one on the ground is Laurent, but don’t worry about him.  We’ll take care of him.”  He gave her a sly wink that seemed to make her apprehension diminish slightly.

Her eyes darted quickly from me to the others in the alley before flying back to my face.  I could feel she was still afraid and in shock, so I sent her a touch more of that soothing vibe to help keep her calm.  Still stroking the brunette’s hair and holding her close, she answered quietly.  She had a light accent I remembered from my travels in the southern states of the U.S., which I recognized as Cajun.  “I’m Sera Bonvillain and this is Bella Swan.”  She looked down at her friend and frowned, concerned. 

Peter reached out to Sera with a charming smile.  “Sera, it’s nice to meet you.  You’re both friends of Marcus, right?” he asked.

I heard the beat of her heart speed up at the mention of Marcus, and then I felt her emotions surge.  It was a feeling of fierce, overwhelming love and it made me smile.  I felt a rush of relief myself that it was Sera and not the beautiful Bella who was Marcus’ mate. 

“Yes, he said he was coming.  But that man, Laurent…he took my phone and destroyed it after talking to Marcus.” A fresh set of tears fell down her cheeks, but she was holding strong.  She was determined to be strong.

Peter placed a gentle hand on Sera’s arm.  “Would you let Jasper take a look at Bella?” he urged.

Sera looked from Peter to me and nodded, passing Bella into my arms as she leaned back against the wall behind her.  “Will she be okay?” she asked.

I tried to be professional as I gave Bella a cursory exam.  There were no visible injuries to her back, and her heartbeat was strong, so I suspected she had hit her head when she’d connected with the wall.  Running my fingers gently through her hair, I felt the beginnings of a large lump forming at the back, so I left my hand there, knowing my cold skin would offer some comfort and help the swelling.

“She should be fine.  She has a bump on her head, so we will have to be careful that she doesn’t have a concussion.”  I smiled at Sera, who seemed relieved.  “Don’t worry; we’ll take you back to the castle.  Marcus should be here soon.”

She was about to say something, but before she made a sound, a shout sounded from down the alley.

“Sera!”  I turned and watched as Marcus sped to the girl’s side, kneeling down beside her and taking her into his arms. “Have you been harmed?”

“Marcus!” she cried, leaning into him and using one hand to hold tight to his coat.  Her tears fell in earnest now.  “Mon Dieu, Marcus.  That man,” she started, nodding her head toward Laurent, “he pulled us here and started saying something about relishing taking the Volturi down a notch, or something.”  She sniffled and looked over at Bella.  “Bella sassed him a bit and grabbed a pipe, smacking him hard between the legs.  He got so mad and hit her.  She hit the wall and passed out.  Pauvre cherie.”

Leaning down, Marcus looked over Bella quickly, inspecting her for any wounds.  I spoke quickly and quietly to Marcus, letting him know the extent of what had happened and her wounds.  He gave me a tiny nod but was focused on Sera.

“She seems merely to slumber, cara.  Do not worry for her.  Were you hurt?” Marcus asked Sera, cupping her face gently and staring down at her with a look I’d never seen covering his face. 

Sera shook her head and sniffled again.  “No, I’m fine; just scared and confused.  Marcus-” she began, but he stopped her with a soft kiss.

Not wanting to intrude on an intimate moment, I cleared my throat and spoke.  “Master, we should go before we are seen.”  He turned to me and nodded.

Marcus looked back at Sera and stroked her cheek.  “Jasper will see to Bella.  We must depart and return to the castle.”  When she started to protest again, he continued.  “I will answer your questions when we get to the castle, cara mia.  Let us now get you and Bella safe.”

Sera nodded and let Marcus help her stand.  He lifted her into his arms and held her close to his chest.  She put her arms around his neck as he made his way to the car now parked at the alley’s entrance, where Felix was waiting.

Reaching down, I lifted the petite brunette, Bella, easily into my arms.  She weighed next to nothing to me.  I paused for a moment to look down at her, and I caught her scent.  She smelled sweet and musky. Delicious.   

“Peter, Charlotte, I trust you are able to take care of our unwanted guest and see him to the castle?” Marcus said as he walked by them.

Charlotte smirked and looked at Peter.  “Oh, yes, Master.  Our pleasure.”

Peter stood behind Charlotte, his arms crossed over his chest and a smile on his face, as he watched his wife.  “My wife is so bloodthirsty.”  Turning to Marcus, he nodded his head respectfully.  “We got it, Master.”

Marcus merely nodded at them as he went by before diverting his attention once more to the woman in his arms. 

Glancing again to the woman in my own arms, I followed Marcus to the car and tried not to wonder at my reaction to her.

Demetri opened the door to the car, waiting for Marcus to enter and get situated with Sera on his lap before closing it behind him.  I nodded my thanks to Demetri as he opened the other door for me to gently place Bella on the seat beside Marcus and Sera. 

“Did she really hit him?” Demetri asked as he closed the door. 

I had to smile as I remembered.  “Yeah, with a piece of pipe…in the balls.”  I laughed as Demetri cringed slightly at the thought. 

“I think I will stay and help Peter and Charlotte,” he said after a thoughtful pause. 

I nodded.  “Good idea.  Don’t forget his arm,” I called out to Demetri as he started down the alley.  He lifted an arm and waved in acknowledgement, but he didn’t reply. 

Opening the passenger door, I slid in next to Felix.  He took off almost before I had my door closed, speeding through the deserted streets of Florence and beyond en route to Volterra. 

As we drove, I heard Marcus and Sera in the back seat.  Sera was assuring him that she was alright while Marcus was insisting she rest.  Eventually we heard the soft huffs of breath as she drifted off to sleep.

“Jasper,” Marcus called quietly, so as not to wake the women.

I turned and looked back at him.  “Yes, Master?”

“You have my undying gratitude for this, son.  I do not think I could have survived losing her.”  He looked down at Sera.  I could feel the depth of love he felt for the woman and I could barely respond.  I wondered what it would be like to feel that depth of emotion directed at me, or to feel it myself for someone, rather than secondhand through my power.  I could not even fathom the idea, but even so, the dark hair and eyes of the woman seated behind me flashed through my mind.  I pushed the thought aside and continued to address Marcus.

“I’m glad I was able to get to them in time, Master.”  I paused for a moment.  “Does she know?”  I asked.

Marcus knew what I meant.  “Not as yet.  I had intended to tell her in a few days’ time, but alas, our circumstances have changed.  I do wish she could have made this discovery in a less violent manner.”  He looked over at the other girl on the seat.  “Bella, as well.”

I turned so I could see Bella.  Her dark hair had fallen over her face in such a way that it made me want to reach out and push it back.  I glanced back at Marcus as he spoke. 

“Your gift may be useful in the task of seeing to them, as well as informing Sera and Bella of our existence.”

“Of course, Master.”  I nodded, smiling at the thought of learning more about these women who had so intrigued Marcus.

“I think that would be best, and it would be much appreciated as well.  For tonight, we shall allow them to rest and recover.”

The rest of the ride to the castle was silent.  Felix pushed the car to its limits on the long stretch of road before pulling to the side entrance of the castle, near the living quarters.  Marcus exited with a still-sleeping Sera in his arms while I again took hold of Bella.  Felix took off toward the garage and I followed Marcus with the unconscious woman in my arms, again attempting to ignore the temptation she presented.

We made our way through the corridors and up the grand staircase to the Masters’ rooms with only the sounds of the girls’ breathing and their heartbeats.  As we approached Marcus’ chambers, I jostled Bella slightly in my arms, reaching to turn the knob to the door.  As I did so, she shifted and murmured, mumbling something nearly unintelligible.  It sounded like “Mr. Hottie”.  I raised an eyebrow and wondered at that as the door swung open.

I heard Marcus chuckle softly, so I looked over at him.  “She talks during her sleep,” he said.  “Sera has entertained me numerous times over such occurrences, including a man she seems to have encountered on her journey to Italy and refers to as ‘Mr. Hottie’.”  Marcus said the name in a somewhat stilted tone, the modern colloquialisms seeming foreign to him with his old world speech patterns.

My eyes swung down to the girl in my arms in surprise and wonder.  Was I “Mr. Hottie”? 

Marcus also glanced at Bella and smiled at her.  I could feel his emotions shifting to something akin to sibling adoration for the girl.  “Bella is a very special woman, Jasper.” 

I nodded.  “She is…beguiling,” I said, using the same word I had thought of earlier.  It just seemed like the best word to describe her effect on me.

Marcus looked up at me and I could feel his curiosity, but he said nothing.  Instead, he turned and led the way into his private bedchamber.  “Please lay her on the bed,” he said as he gently lowered Sera to the bedcovers.  “They will worry for each other upon waking.”

I followed suit, lowering Bella to the bed, careful of her injured head, and I brushed her hair back gently as my gaze traveled over her once again.  I found myself reluctant to leave for some reason, and I wondered at my bizarre reaction to this woman. 

Sensing a jolt of shock followed by indecision and then determination, I looked over at Marcus.  He was watching me intently, his eyes on my hand that had yet to move from Bella’s hair.  I said nothing to him, but I was curious about his emotions.  It was as if he was pleased about something beneath his worry and fears for Sera and Bella.

Before I could ask him about it, he spoke.  “Jasper, if you would, please inform my brothers of our guests and request that they join me at their leisure.  When you are done, return here.  I would like for you to stay with Sera and Bella while I speak with my brothers.  I do not wish for them to wake alone in a strange place.” 

I inclined my head in a respectful nod.  “Of course, Master.”  With one last look at the sleeping woman who was beginning to dominate my thoughts, I turned and left the room to carry out my errand.

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