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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

UB Chapter 19 - Change of Plans

Jasper POV

Silence reigned in the room as I stood with Bella securely within my arms.  The others had discreetly left the room, not wishing to intrude on the private moment between Bella and me.

I took a few long moments, unmoving, as I allowed my frayed emotions to settle.  Only when I felt her fatigue did I relax my hold and step back from her.  “Tired?” I asked.

She nodded, giving me a sleepy smile.  “Bedtime for the human,” she joked.

Chuckling, I tugged at her hand.  “Come on, then.  Let me take you to bed.”  Chuckles turned to laughter as I noted the blush staining her cheeks. 

“Incorrigible,” she muttered under her breath.

Walking backward, still pulling on her hand as she moved with me, I just gave her a wink and a knowing look.  Her blush deepened and I felt her lust increase, which only made my gaze darken and grow more intimate.  “Absolutely, princess.”

As we crossed the room, Bella noticed the others had gone.  “Where did everyone go?”

I could tell she was trying to change the subject.  “Just noticed they were gone?”  I stopped at the stairs and gestured for her to precede me.

“Yeah,” she said, heading up the stairs ahead of me and giving me a perfect view of her ass.  Knowing now that she was my mate, I allowed myself the luxury of enjoying the sight.  Her hips swayed to and fro with each step and I had to take a moment to adjust myself.

Reaching the door to our room, Bella entered and went to the suitcase lying in the chair there.  She pulled out some clothing before disappearing into the bathroom to change. 

I made my way to the window to inspect the perimeter.  I knew we were not alone in the house, but I wondered how long it would be before the others returned with Edward.  And what would I do with him?  As much as I wished otherwise, I couldn’t be with Bella every instant and still do what needed to be done.  I did plan to spend as much time as possible with her, but I had surmised from my conversations with Aro that she would be safe with the Cullens.  Clearly, that may not be the case.  There is no way in hell I could leave my mate without ensuring her safety.  At the moment, that safety seemed questionable at best.

The sound of the bathroom door opening distracted me from my thoughts.  Bella appeared, smiling softly at me – a sad smile – and I felt her grief become more pronounced.  She had managed to keep it subdued for the greater part of the day after the funeral home.

Walking to the bed, she shifted the covers and slipped under them, pulling them up around herself as she lay on her side and looked up at me.  “Are you–" she paused and I waited for her to finish.  “Will you stay?  Till I fall asleep?” she asked. 

Smiling, I kicked off my boots and curled up on the bed with her, pulling her close so she could rest her head on my shoulder.

“Thank you, Jasper.”

“My pleasure, princess.”


My posture was relaxed as I reclined on the bed next to Bella, one hand curled around her waist and the other sifting gently through her hair.  I had spent the last thirty minutes contemplating the idea of Bella as my mate and how it would affect not only the current situation with the newborns but the future as well.

Amid these thoughts, Bella herself would distract me – shifting her weight, letting out soft huffs and murmuring or talking quietly as she began to dream.  At one point, she curled her leg up and wrapped it over my own, her knee sitting perilously close to my crotch.  I hardened at the proximity.

Trying to cool my ardor, I focused again on the current situation.  First, I needed to come up with a plan for Edward.  Once he was taken care of, I would aid Bella in any way necessary to help her through the arrangements and interment of her father.  I would also evaluate each Cullen to gauge their strengths, weaknesses, and trustworthiness.  Once that was established, I would ensure Bella’s safety during moments I needed to be elsewhere – to feed or further my investigation. 

Depending upon what I discovered with the Cullens, I may or may not have to postpone the investigation until either I could get someone I trusted to care for Bella or wait until after the funeral and Bella was safely returned to Volterra.  I refused to leave her with the Cullens if I felt at all wary of any of them.

A whisper of movement came from outside the door, followed by a soft voice.  “Jasper,” Alice called.  I felt she was trying to keep from waking Bella, which I appreciated.

“A moment,” I called just as softly as I began extricating myself from Bella.  While I wished I could stay, I knew there was much to be done. 

“No…” she moaned, her lips turning down in the sexiest pout that made me regret leaving her even more – not to mention the other direction my thoughts had taken.  I would love to stay, push her back upon the bed, capture those pouty lips between my own, and wake her with my mouth and hands upon her delicate skin.  But duty called, so I consoled myself with a soft, gentle kiss on the inside of her wrist as I settled her in, tucking the covers around her and pushing a dose of lethargy at her to help her rest.

Quickly slipping my feet into my boots, I crossed the room and opened the door to see Alice’s small frame at the door.  She was grinning but her emotions were more complex.  She was happy but also anxious and a little distracted.  “Yes, Alice?” I asked as I stepped out into the hallway and closed the door behind me with a quiet click.

“Emmett, Rose, and Edward will be back in a few minutes,” she began.  “Edward will be very upset about the…about what happened…and he won’t want to chance anything, so we will meet him outside.”

I looked down at her for a moment, sifting through the information while considering its messenger.  “All right,” I agreed, content with the idea that I could position myself between the Cullens and the house and still be close enough to hear if any others approached from beyond.

She smiled and turned to head toward the stairs with a light step.  “Three minutes,” she stated.

I nodded and followed her down the stairs.  Exiting the back door of the house, I noted that Esme and Carlisle were already at the edge of the yard by the woods.  I allowed Alice to precede me, keeping myself alert for any and all dangers to my mate or me.

The time waiting for Edward was spent listening to Esme and Carlisle apologize for the attack.  I accepted the apology, respectful of its nature as coming from the head of their coven, but I was firm in warning them that should something similar happen, I would not be so lenient.  I would burn first and ask questions later.

The flurry of emotions warned me of their arrival, the headiest of which was remorse.  I turned to face the woods while keeping the others in my peripheral vision.  My legs were braced shoulder width apart, and I crossed my arms over my chest, watching the three vampires come to a halt a few yards in front of me.  They looked a bit ragged – their clothes mussed with dirt here and there but still in tact with the exception of a tear in Edward’s shirt by his shoulder.  But his eyes were golden, matching the others, and that was a good sign.

Edward was the first to speak.  “I wish to apologize for my recent behavior,” he started.  “I have never felt bloodlust like that and I’m ashamed to say I was unable to control myself.” 

I watched him closely while monitoring his emotions, curious what else he had to say.  He was filled with regret and his contrition was genuine. 

“I understand that an apology hardly suffices for my actions, but if you could pass it along on my behalf, I would be grateful.  I have no wish to harm your mate.”

At the word ‘mate’, shock echoed through all but one of the others, along with a few gasps as they looked at me.  I looked to Alice, who just grinned and winked at me.

“You realize I cannot allow you to remain in the vicinity under these circumstances.”  It was more a statement than a question.

Edward nodded.  “I had hoped to help in some way, but I do not wish to add to the danger.  I understand I have to leave.  I can go to Alaska for a time.”

Alaska?” I asked.  “Why there?”

Carlisle answered.  “Our cousins, the Denalis, live there.  They would be happy to have Edward visit for a time.”

“Yeah, Eddie.  Tanya would love to see you, eh?” Emmett teased, punching Edward on the shoulder and giving him a wink, causing Edward to roll his eyes.

Rosalie stood next to them with a bored expression on her face, but her disdain was clear to me.  I was curious about it, but it was inconsequential at the moment, so I filed the information away for now.

The question was what to do with Edward.  If I sent him off to his family, the Denalis, would they truly watch over him or would the memory of his bloodlust lead him back to Bella?  If it did, would we have enough warning to be able to catch him before he could cause harm?  Was it worth the risk to Bella?  Absolutely not.  I sighed.  I almost regretted not killing him when I’d had the chance so I wouldn’t have to deal with this just now.

Seeing Edward staring at me, feeling a bit apprehensive, I just raised my brow and shrugged my shoulders.  If he didn’t like what he saw in my head, he could get the fuck out of it.  I wouldn’t apologize for my thoughts.

“I understand your dilemma.  I just want to help, Jasper.”  His answer was simple and sincere.

He wanted to help.  And I wanted to keep an eye on him.  The answer was simple, really.

“Here is the plan,” I began, glancing at each Cullen in turn.  “Edward, you will leave immediately for Vegas.  When you get there, you can help Demetri cull the remainder of the newborn threat there.  It should only take a week or two.  While there, he will assess your fighting ability, among other things.”  I looked Edward in the eye as I spoke the last part.  “Demetri is also a tracker.  So, if you do happen to run, he can and will find you.”

Edward nodded and felt no anxiety over the decree. 

I then set my gaze on the others.  “Over the next week, I will be dividing my time between Bella and the rest of you.  I will attend to Bella as necessary to aid her in dealing with the death of her father and overseeing the preparations for his funeral.  When I am not so occupied, I will be spending time with each of you to gauge your abilities.  In addition, I would like to consolidate our information and formulate a strategy for the near future.”

I watched everyone carefully, taking note of each of their reactions – both visual and emotional.  They all seemed at least a little anxious about the newborn threat.  Carlisle was resolved.  From what I had learned from Aro, Carlisle was as compassionate as they come, only rivaled by his mate, but he would rise to the occasion if the situation warranted it.  His emotions seemed to mirror Aro’s assessment of the man.

Esme was the most anxious.  She stood close to her mate, but her hands were clasped in front of her in a worrying grip as she looked from one to the next of her coven members.  I had a feeling Esme would worry over the situation and the fate of her coven without pause, but when the time came to fight, she would be fiercely protective of them – like a mama bear if you threatened her cubs.  I smirked at the analogy and caught Edward’s lips turn up a notch in response to my thought.

Rosalie looked angry, a scowl marring her otherwise beautiful features.  The disdain was still present…but also anger and, like Carlisle, resolve.  Meeting with her would be a test in patience, I could tell.

Emmett was mostly excited, and I took note of his stance.  He stood with one hand clasped on Edward’s shoulder, his grip firm.  Even though he was attentive and his posture seemed at ease, he wasn’t.  Underneath the smiling, happy boy was a warrior waiting to come out.  I was relieved to have at least one potential fighter within the coven.

Alice was the most curious of them all in regards to her emotions.  She often seemed happy and at ease, smiling, much the same as Emmett.  But, again like Emmett, there were underlying emotions and they were constantly changing.  As soon as I’d recognize one, it would be replaced with another.  The most common I’d felt since meeting Alice were love, protectiveness, anxiety, and excitement.

“It’s a possibility, Alice, but…” Edward said out of the blue.  I didn’t say anything; I just watched.  “It’s risky… Maybe… Well, I–”

“Excuse me,” I interrupted, holding my hand up.  “What the fuck are you talking about?”

Emmett laughed.  “They do this all the time.”

I shook my head and sighed, feeling like the only adult in the room – or yard.  “For those of us who don’t read minds – care to share?”

Edward and Alice looked a bit sheepish.  Alice spoke up.  “Sorry.  We’re kind of used to it.”

“Doesn’t mean it isn’t annoying,” Rosalie snapped out, the scowl still present.

Alice had an idea to desensitize me from Bella’s scent,” Edward interjected.

“And what is this idea?” I asked, turning to Alice. 

She smiled.  “If we could have a piece of her clothing, something she’s worn that would have her scent on it, Edward could take it with him.  We could seal it for him and he could bring it out a little each day so he could get used to it.  If he does this, he would be desensitized by the time he returns to Forks.”

It was an interesting approach to the problem.  “How can you be so sure that the desensitizing will work?”

“It will.  I’ve seen it.”  She grinned at me, confidence radiating from her.

While I applauded her creativity, enthusiasm, and confidence, I had to burst her bubble.  “How can you be so confident of Bella’s safety when you already failed to see the initial threat itself?  Or did you see and say nothing of it?”  My eyes narrowed at the new thought.

She gasped with surprise, feeling a little hurt at my accusation.  “If I had seen any danger, I would have said and done something to prevent it.  I’ve been concentrating on the newborn threat.  Edward has always had exceptional control around humans.”

I felt no deceit from her response to my accusation, so I dropped the issue, instead considering her idea.  But I still wasn’t sure about it.  “We will give Edward the clothing in an attempt to desensitize him while he’s in Vegas.  I am still not comfortable with this, however.  Edward is to never be left alone with Bella until I say otherwise.  Is that clear?”  My last words came out as a command.

They all nodded their assent, punctuated by the resigned acceptance I felt from them.

“I understand, Jasper,” Edward said.  “I don’t want to chance returning to the house just yet…” he began, but Alice piped in when he paused.

“I’ll get you a bag,” she offered.  Turning to me, she waved her hand ahead of her.  “Shall we?”

I looked at Edward one last time.  “Don’t make me regret not killing you.  I will not be so lenient if you attempt to harm Bella again.”

“I would expect nothing less.  Please, offer my apologies to your mate.  I am truly sorry for my actions.”

“I will,” I affirmed.  “I’ll leave you all to say your goodbyes.  We can meet again in a few hours’ time.”

I didn’t wait for their agreement this time.  Instead, I turned on my heel and preceded Alice into the house.  It was strange to allow an unknown vampire at my back, but the alternative would grant her an advantage should she attempt to get to Bella.  I refused to allow such a thing until I knew more about the character of each member of this coven.  Until then, I would need to keep my guard up.

Alice paused in the hallway outside the guest room where Bella lay sleeping.  I raised a brow at Alice, but she didn’t say anything – she just smirked and glided over to the next set of stairs.  I shook my head at the strange girl and entered the room to check on Bella. 

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