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Thursday, March 24, 2011

UB Chapter 18 - Clarity

Jasper POV

Ignoring the sounds from behind me, I leaned down and sunk my teeth into the side of his neck, my growl still rumbling from my chest.  My other hand reached up to grip his jaw and I felt his fear spike even more.  I smiled against his neck and tensed to pull.

The muscles in my arm strained against the material of my shirt as I began to pull, feeling the skin separate beneath my lips.  I pulled back to watch the progress, a malicious smile on my face.  My initial reaction had been instinctual, but now the inner monster in me was glorying in the pain and fear I could sense from him.  He would regret his actions if it was the last thing he ever did.  And it would be.

Arms tensing again as Edward struggled further, I tightened my grip and pulled harder.  The wrenching sound of the hardened tissue separating, widening the gap in his neck, was music to my ears in this moment.  No one would ever hurt Bella.  She was mine; mine to protect. 

My mate.

The shock of the revelation stunned me.  I felt an echoing shock from Edward and looked into his eyes to see it reflected there as well.  The change in the atmosphere and the resultant inaction on my part, due to my emotional discovery, gave the others the opening they needed.

Emmett and Carlisle reached down and pulled Edward from me, holding him in a tight grip, their emotions a mixture of shock and protectiveness.  Their shock was most likely from watching me try to kill their coven mate and they were more protective of him than they were of Bella.

Rising, I took a ready stance in front of Bella.  I could hear her heart beating at a frantic pace.  I wanted to turn to her and offer her comfort, but I couldn’t until the threat to her had been dealt with. 

Carlisle broke the silence.  “Perhaps Edward should hunt.  Emmett?  Rose?”

Rose took Carlisle’s place holding Edward.  “We’ve got it, Carlisle.”  Her voice was firm, but her gaze and emotions were worried and she gave me a hard glance.  I glared back and tilted my head slightly, daring her to say anything, but she didn’t.  Her grip tightened on Edward and she tugged.  “Come on, Edward.”

Edward went with them, but I could still feel his struggle to control his bloodlust – although now it was mixed with feelings of remorse and self-loathing. 

No one spoke as we listened to the three take off into the woods.

When the last of their footfalls receded into silence, I backed up against the couch and pulled Bella up with one hand to make sure she was okay while keeping my eye on the others in the room.  I was alert for any further dangers from our host coven, but I needed to see to my mate.

Looking down into her face, I noticed the shock and fear mirrored there from her emotions.  “Bella?”  I tried to keep my voice soft and gentle as I spoke.  My one hand rose to her face and cupped her cheek and I brushed back a stray hair with the other.  “You okay, princess?”

I vaguely noted the curious glances from the others in the room, especially after I called her ‘princess’, but I ignored them.

With wide, tear-filled eyes, Bella looked up at me and nodded slowly.  “I…I think so?  But I don’t understand.  Why did he attack us?”  She stepped closer and raised one hand to circle my wrist, though she didn’t pull it away. 

I pulled her closer and felt her other arm curl around my back.  Were I not concerned with the others in the room, I’d have closed my eyes and reveled in the feelings swirling within me at this moment.  But now was not the time.  I needed to ensure Bella was okay, and then I would deal with the situation at hand.  Still, the idea of Bella being my mate, while surprising, was not an unwelcome development.

“You remember how we mentioned bloodlust?  If we don’t feed properly, it can be very difficult to control.  The Cullens are vegetarians, so their bloodlust is a constant issue for them.”  I stroked my hand down her hair, knowing how much she liked it, and smiled as I felt her tension loosen and her calm increase.  “We also have something we call ‘singers’.  Basically it means that certain people’s blood can ‘sing’ to certain vampires, making it nearly irresistible.  It seems you are Edward’s singer.  Couple that with the fact that he constantly denies himself human blood, it isn’t surprising that he couldn’t control it.  I’ve never felt such severe bloodlust before.”

She trailed her hand up and down my back, an idle gesture that I’m not even sure she was aware she was doing.  “You feel what he does, right?” she asked.  When I nodded, she continued.  “How did you control yourself?”

I smirked down at her.  “I’m just that good, sweetheart.”  She rolled her eyes and scoffed, making me laugh.  “A couple of reasons, really.  I feed properly and on a regular schedule, for one, so I wasn’t thirsty to begin with.  Also, I’ve been dealing with the emotions of others for a long time.  I know how to control my reaction to them.  And the most important reason?”  She raised a brow, asking silently for me to explain.  “No harm will ever come to you if I can help it, Bella.  You are my first priority.”  I knew she didn’t quite understand the intensity of my words at that moment, but I needed to tell her.  I needed to reassure her that she was safe with me.

Her smile and the sense of relief she felt lightened my heart.  I couldn’t resist pulling her close and holding her for just a moment. 

I knew the others in the room were waiting to address the issue.  I could feel their impatience but also their warm sentiments as they witnessed our exchange.  Somehow, I think they understood, keeping their silence as I took another moment with her. 

I enjoyed the feel of her pressed close within my arms, my face buried in her hair.  Pressing a soft kiss into her silky hair, I wondered how I could have been so lucky to be mated to this beautiful woman.  Suddenly, everything I had been feeling was clear; I’d just been too caught up in the feelings she invoked in me to realize it earlier.  I’d been falling in love with Bella.  

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